Tailoring delivery strategies to the parameters at hand

The best delivery strategy for your next project will depend on a myriad of factors. At Carlin Construction we perform an exhaustive discovery process at the beginning of every new construction, renovation or expansion initiative.

We’re well-versed in today’s three major approaches to project delivery: Design/Build, Construction Management and General Contractor. Here are some brief descriptions of the role Carlin plays in all three project delivery strategies:


A fast-track approach that is the method of choice for many of our clients, design/build provides the design function with access to accurate cost information and value engineering in real time. This enables more precise control of design, performance and cost parameters throughout the execution. 
The Carlin Construction team provides counsel on important decisions that affect all facets of the delivery, guiding the Owner to their ultimate design. Work is performed based on an approved plan for a guaranteed price, reducing the risks associated with omissions, errors and volatile construction costs.
With this highly interactive team approach, Carlin Construction assumes total responsibility for the design, permitting and construction of your new facility. The resulting coordinated effort is built on a consensus solution that best meets the owner’s design needs and budgetary constraints.
Since our inception, Carlin Construction has completed over 50 successful design/build projects to date. Our design/build single project sizes have ranged from modest renovations of $50K to new public facilities over $15M.

Construction Management

In this delivery approach, Carlin Construction functions as the owner’s advocate from concept through completion. Working hand in hand with our client and the owner’s project architect/designers, we institute our open-book policy, proven processes/systems and collaborative partnering strategies ensuring a seamless “no surprises” transition from design through construction.
Like design/build, this approach allows for faster construction starts and more flexibility throughout the design and construction process. The open-book process also allows owners access to all of the project costs, enabling them to evaluate and maximize the use of each dollar spent.
During construction, the Carlin Construction team of seasoned industry professionals operates as an extension of your staff, while providing the management rigor needed to coordinate all pre-construction, construction and post-construction efforts by obtaining the greatest value for you at the best possible price.

General Contractor

For clients who prefer the traditional design-bid-build approach and/or for projects that are particularly suited to this method, we provide general contracting services on a lump-sum bid basis.
By utilizing a select group of pre-qualified subcontractors during the bid process, Carlin Construction is able to maintain its reputation for high project quality while ensuring competitive pricing. This is augmented during construction by our finely-honed systems for scheduling, quality control and safety that Carlin clients have come to rely on for a successful project.

As a certified Butler Builder®, Carlin Construction Company of CT is able to tap into a wealth of innovative systems construction technologies. Butler pre-engineered steel structural, roof and wall systems can further compress time and cost parameters. Learn More.