Elevating the art of pre-engineered metal buildings:

The synergy of Butler® systems and Carlin Construction design build.

With a decades-old reputation for strength, durability, longevity and sustainability, Butler Building Systems continue to forge new frontiers for design possibilities, functional flexibility and overall cost-effective ownership. A certified Butler Builder® for over 20 years, Carlin Construction Company in CT is unsurpassed in its ability to deliver innovative pre-engineered metal Butler solutions to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

Unsurpassed design and space flexibility.

Backed by industry-leading engineering expertise and technology, Butler Building Systems can turn virtually any design into reality while streamlining the construction process. Accommodating bay sizes up to 60 feet, just one of a continuing stream of pioneering innovations, Butler structural systems minimize the need for interior columns — to increase useable space while maximizing functionality and flexibility.

Pre-engineered metal to reduce total cost of ownership.

Up to 90% of a building’s total cost is incurred after construction. Butler building systems and components are engineered to provide long lifecycles with virtually no upkeep. They also exhibit energy-efficiency ratings that meet or exceed industry standards and regulatory codes, with U-factors as low as .029.

Predictive tools to reduce cost, schedule and risk.

Today it is especially crucial to streamline the building process, to eliminate human error and guesswork, and to control operating costs for the long term. Butler utilizes a 3D design technology which enables Carlin Construction to accurately visualize what your building will look like early in the process. This also enables us to identify needed adjustments while the design is still flexible, to keep your project on time and on budget. 

Ensuring real-world performance through rigorous R&D.

Founded in 1901, Butler Manufacturing™ opened its dedicated R&D center in 1959. Consistently first to market with game-changing innovations, Butler had held more than 50 patents over its history. Today, its extensive R&D process includes rigorous tests for full-scale load capacities, wind uplift, a simulation of the long-term effects of acid rain — and a 1,000-hour paint test to ensure the integrity of its 25-year color finishes.


As a certified Butler Builder®, Carlin Construction Company of CT is able to tap into a wealth of innovative systems construction technologies. Butler pre-engineered steel structural, roof and wall systems can further compress time and cost parameters. Learn More.