Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, Inc.

Emergency Operations Facility

Carlin Construction Company served as a General Contractor for the new construction of an approximately 18,000 sq ft Emergency Operations Facility for Dominion Nuclear Connecticut Inc. The new facility is designed to provide an offsite Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the Millstone Nuclear Power facility which is located in Waterford, CT.

The building is the primary operations center for management of emergency response for the organization, including coordination of radiological and environmental assessments during an event. The building will also serve as the hub of all data & communications between Millstone officials and local, state and federal officials during an emergency.

The new facility includes Security, Muster Area, Field Monitoring Storage, an Emergency Operations Floor, NRC Room, Data Rooms, and other support spaces. Additionally, the site includes parking for up to 75 vehicles.

OWNER: Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, Inc.

ARCHITECT: Robert E. Lamb Architects


DELIVERY METHOD: General Contractor