Horizons, Inc.

New Commons Dining Hall

Carlin Construction Company served as the Construction Manager for the new construction of approximately 10,000 sq ft Commons Building for Camp Horizons.

The construction of the Horizons Commons Building utilized several building techniques to accomplish both energy efficiency and sustainability. Wall and Roof construction were achieved with a Structural Insulating Panel System (SIP) to provide for R values of 42 at the roof and 36 at the walls. The building orientation was planned to maximize the solar orientation for the placement of solar voltaic panels on the roof.

The project utilized a geothermal ground water HVAC system with occupancy sensors to maximize the tempered air during non occupied times. Remote operable windows in the Main Dining Hall monitor coupled with Big Ass fans and low window hoppers added the ability for natural ventilation on the desirable degree days.

Project lighting was provided by LED fixtures at the building exterior and high ceiling areas with T-8 high efficiency fluorescents in the suspended ceilings area of the kitchen and classrooms.

The resulting efforts achieved a building that is self sufficient as the solar panel system offsets the entire energy load of the geothermal and lighting designs. The systems incorporated in the final design were documented to achieve a high return for energy rebates from Connecticut Light & Power.

Horizons, founded in 1979, by special education teachers and sisters Chris and Kathleen McNaboe. Parents of their students with developmental disabilities asked them to start an away-from-home camping experience for their children, similar to those available to their non-handicapped brothers and sisters.

OWNER: Horizons, Inc.

ARCHITECT: Duncan Milne, AIA

LOCATION: South Windham, CT

DELIVERY METHOD: Construction Manager